Thursday, 21 July 2011

Social Media Overload?

Any day now,  this will be known as the Social Media Age, and not the Information Age anymore. 

When fire up my web browser, the first thing I do is open up tabs for Facebook, Twitter, Google + (dull as it is), Tumblr, Blogspot, and StumbleUpon.  These are all social media platforms that are dominating hours of our time each day -  I'm not sure if I can keep up anymore. 

The question is whether or not there's really a need for so many social media platforms.  Are they crowding each other out? It's not always convenient (or sensible) to repeat posts/tweets on more than one platform, but we try to stay active on all of them anyway. Wouldn't it make more sense to collaborate all platforms into one? 

Essentially Google + has combined Twitter and Facebook, and added a few elements of its own.  Whether the two aforementioned platforms will become redundant once Google + really takes off is something I'll be interested to see, but I doubt it  -  

The online community seems to be loving things just the way they are, embracing each new social tool and giving a few more hours a week to the social media phenomenon we're all so addicted to (and I am no exception). 

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